Episode #259. This week Margaret Wasaff from the band “Ballad Of” joins host Justin Trawick in his apartment for another episode of The Circus Life. They play two songs from the new album and discuss Margaret’s Lebanese background, parenting, and introverted band members. For more information on the podcast go to TheCircusLife.com and JustinTrawick.com. 

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Episode #258.  This week host Justin Trawick talks in a very echoey room with Kennedy Center Washington National Opera violinist Michelle Kim.  Discussion includes Justin’s car narrowly getting towed and Michelle saving it, having tear marks on your violin, and celebrating your birthday on New Years Day.  Go to TheCircusLife.com for past episodes and go to JustinTrawick.com for upcoming shows and see you on July 27th at the 930 Club! 

Episode #257.  This week’s episode features host Justin Trawick and executive coach turned rap grass MC JRSY FRSH, aka, Lauren LeMunyan.  The two talk about opening for Alejandro Aranda from American Idol, the recent DC flood, girls with buckets of beer, and Lauren saving a woman at DC9 Nightclub in DC.  For more information go to TheCircusLife.com and JustinTrawick.com. 

Episode #256.  This week host Justin Trawick talks with Yanni vocalist Lauren Jelencovich in her Washington Heights apartment in Manhattan.  Surrounded by drinks, discussion includes cocktail waitressing, winning “Star Search”, and performing in front of the pyramids.  See everyone at the 930 Club in DC on July 27th for The Circus Life 6th Anniversary Concert.  For more information go to www.JustinTrawick.com and www.TheCircusLife.com.  

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