#012. Steve Jackson and all of The Pietasters come in the Red Room and play their world famous ska music. Seriously, they come and play and it's awesome!  Steve, Jer, and Dave talk about getting a gun brandished on them by a venue owner and Kona Gallagher discusses bruising her lady parts during a roller derby game.  We discuss our live show at the Rock and Roll Hotel on November 23rd with The Cowards Choir, Black Masala, MH & His Orchestra, The Sweater Set, and The Justin Trawick Group. Our show is sponsored by Cue Recording Studios,GrowthGroup.com, Saucony, and Westover Beer Garden. 

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011. So we've tap danced our way into our eleventh episode. No, seriously, Adjoa Skinner comes in the Red Room and lays down some sweet tap beats and whistles for Sean and Justin. Casey Rae of the Future of Music Coalition talks about the upcoming summit and his love for New Wave. Chris Naoum speaks about Listen Local First and proves that he may be TCL's first "superfan". Finally, Jay Jenc brings in sandwiches from the Westover Market and talks about why he could never live in New Orleans.  Our show is brought to you by GrowthGroup.com, Westover Market & Beer Garden, Saucony, and Cue Recording Studios. 

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#010. Another round of firsts for The Circle Life as we have both our first real broadcaster and rapper into the studio to show us how the art of wordplay really is done.  WJLA DC Traffic Anchor Amanda Meadows comes in the Red Room and plays a round of "Made Up Traffic Situation" that includes beavers and overturned logging trucks.  Freestyle rapper Flex Mathews talks about touring with Matisyahu and does an impromptu "object rap" based around a bag of Justin's (aka 'Juicy Boy') "stuff".  Alex Vans and Mundy are part of the panel today and talk about their Dewey Beach Music Conference experience.  Our show is sponsored by GrowthGroup.com, our "Venue of the Month" the Westover Beet Garden, Saucony, and Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, Virginia. 

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#009. YouTube celebrity and comedian Remy Munasifi, aka "GoRemy", comes on the show tell us about the inception of his Internet fame and sings a song about our beloved DC metro system.  MH & His Orchestra brings their 9 piece collective into the Red Room to sing songs about women and trains. It should be noted that the saxophone player had a huge black eye but Justin was too freaked out to mention it on the show. Our program is brought up you by GrowthGroup.com, Westover Beer Garden, Saucony Shoes, RCS Photography, and Cue Recording Studios. 

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#008. Two bands make it into Cue Recording Studios for our eighth show. Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray stop by with their tricked out van and discuss performing with magicians and their upcoming marriage. Jenny Leigh celebrates her recent journey into full time jobless musicianhood and move to "Music City". Finally, founder and CEO of Hinge, Justin McLeod, talks about personally using his own dating app for relationships and his lack of a Kentucky accent.   Our venue of the month for October is Westover Beer Garden in Arlington VA and our show is sponsored by artist accounting firm GrowthGroup.com, Saucony Shoes, and RCS Photography. 

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