Episode #230.  Today’s episode is a goodbye to Justin’s friend Rachel Pletts, who is leaving for San Francisco in September.  The show photo for this episode is from 2014 when Rachel and Justin played in NYC together.  Along with classical guitarist Alex Barnett, topics include a little Jesus, a little drugs, and a lot of San Francisco.  If you don’t want to hear these three talk for an hour, skip to the end to listen to Alex play a beautiful instrumental song on his guitar.  Make sure to go to TheCircusLife.com for all past episodes and don’t forget to share this podcast with your friends.  

Episode #229.  On today’s podcast drummer Ben Tufts invites Justin to Claude Moore Park in Loudoun County, Virginia, the 300 acre park where Ben grew up during his early childhood.  Recorded inside Frogshackle Cabin, a tiny log cabin built in the 1700’s, Ben and Justin talk about fishing, politics, vinyl, and history.  Go to TheCircusLife.com for more information on past podcasts from The Circus Life and make sure to subscribe for free on iTunes.  

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Episode #228.  Rapper Flex Mathews join’s Justin for lunch where they talk about skateboarding, the Warped Tour, and being a part of a community.  Lauren LeMunyan joins the guys (it’s her apartment) and spends most of the podcast keeping Rico Suave off the guest.  Go to TheCircusLife.com for all podcast related information and don’t forget to donate via Patreon.  

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Episode #227.  On today’s podcast Justin sits down with Sara Niemietz in the lobby of The W Hotel next to the White House for a conversation about Postmodern Jukebox, presidential bowling, the American Civil War, and oddly named handbags.  Note: Justin is more nervous than normal, probably because he’s really excited to talk to Sara.  Breath.  Check out The Circus Life Podcast 5th Annual Anniversary Concert at the 930 Club in DC on July 14th.  www.TheCircuslife.com.

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Episode #226.  Having only met less than 24 hours earlier, host Justin Trawick and musician Benjamin Carter get together for a podcast episode about soccer in the Cayman Islands, marriage, and life in Lakeland, Florida.  Benjamin performs two songs during the show and will be playing with his band for The Circus Life Podcast 5th Annual Anniversary Concert on July 14th at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC.  Get your tickets now!  For all other info go to TheCircusLife.com.  

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