Episode #234.  This week host Justin Trawick finds himself backstage in the green room with Letitia VanSant and The Young Novelists before they go on stage at Pearl Street Warehouse in DC. Favorite green rooms are discussed as well as Canadian healthcare and being roommates with band members.  For more information go to TheCircusLife.com.  

Episode #233. On today’s episode of The Circus Life, Alex Vans and Floris Boere of the band “Bad Business” join Justin at his dining room table to talk about "yacht rock”, biking in the Netherlands, and prisoner’s dilemma in New York City.  We also play two Bad Business songs: “Day Job Guys” and “Turn it On”.  For more information go to TheCircusLife.com. 

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Episode #232.  On this week’s podcast, Justin presents the first act from The Circus Life 5th Anniversary Concert held at the 930 Club on July 14th, 2018.  Enjoy this live performance from the show opener, Nardo Lilly.  Helping Justin with the show intro is author and business coach Lauren LeMunyan.  For more information on the podcast go to TheCircusLife.com. 

Episode #231.  On today’s podcast Justin performs a brand new song live on the show called “A Picture of Us”.  Only hours before cooking dinner for his girlfriend and parents who are already on the way over to his apartment, Justin talks about opening for ukulele legend Jake Shimabukuro with Louisa Hall over the weekend and cooking within Weight Watchers guidelines.  Check out TheCircusLife.com for all podcast related info.  

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