Episode #238.  This week we present Eli Lev's performance from the July 14th, 2018 TCL Anniversary Show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC.  Eli joins Justin for a short intro recorded in the back room of 49 West in Annapolis, Maryland.  Topics of conversation include dis tracks, favorite 9:30 Club shows, and fans getting tattoos of your lyrics.  For more information go to TheCircusLife.com. 

Episode #237.  This week Justin records from Georgetown Visitation, a private high school in DC where Stella and Dave from the band Kentucky Avenue practice.  The three talk about meeting Bob Dylan, eating pickles before shows, and “dad bands”.  Songs on the show in order include “Nothing Here is Mine” and “Salted Wounds”.  Go to TheCircusLife.com to see a YouTube video of a live performance of “Black Horse Riding”.  Thanks for listening and share this show with your friends! 

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Episode #236.  Host Justin Trawick finds himself at Louisa Hall’s house in Alexandria, VA, where they make coffee and perform live on the show their new song “Oh Love”.  See them on stage together Thursday, September 20th at the Dupont Underground in Washington DC.  As always, go to TheCircusLife.com for all info and past episodes of TCL.  

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Episode #235.  Longtime friend Joshua Kirk drops by this week to help present Benjamin Carter, our second act from The Circus Life Podcast 5th Anniversary Concert at the 930 Club this past July 14th, 2018.  It’s always wonderful to sit down and talk music and food with Joshua Kirk.  Make sure to find him on YouTube.  As always, go to TheCircusLife.com for more information and tell your friends! 






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